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msg294 (view) Author: kfwang Date: 2022-10-08.18:42:41
Please check if the XXX_HCDFT.raw file exists under path 

You can also send me a screenshot of the contents of the folder.
msg285 (view) Author: mmack Date: 2022-10-03.23:54:12
Hello! First time pFind user
I am trying to load a raw file into pFind and it does not seem to work, I keep getting this error
[C:\Users\meagh\Documents\Documents\ : start from Data Extraction]

Process 1: 
Process 1: 	  *********************************************
Process 1: 	 /       pParse2.0 (x64) from pFind Studio     \
Process 1: 	/        Email  :              \
Process 1: 	\        Website:       /
Process 1: 	  *********************************************
Process 1: 
Process 1: The license will expire in 2100-1-1
Process 1: [pParse] <EXIT> - pParse has encountered a problem and will exit.
Process 1:  You can send your pParsePlusLog.txt to for help.
[pFind] ALERT: Invalid_msmspath1_Path: [C:\Users\meagh\Documents\Documents\XXX_HCDFT.pf2]

Raw file name removed, but it does not have any weird characters or blank space. 
I have run it as an administrator
It is a HCD-FTMS file (Q Exactive) and I have put it as so. It is not a read only file. 
I have MS File reader 3.0 installed (and it also did C++ 2008)
I updated my Java
I tried converting to mgf, it kinda starts but then I get this error "Process 1: [pParse] <EXIT> - pParse has 
encountered a problem and will exit." It starts a search but remains at 0% indefinitely. 
I don't know what else I can try! I don't need to download pParse seperately, do I? Please help :)
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