Title 输入字符串格式不正确
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msg309 (view) Author: kfwang Date: 2022-11-05.21:24:38

Can you provide me with the parameter file and a larger screenshot to find the 
problem? pBuild has better support for .raw format files and may have errors for 
MGF format files.

Also, the search has finished properly, if you want to view the results you can 
find the pFind-filtered.spectra file in the result folder in the project directory 
and open it in Excel.

Kaifei Wang
msg308 (view) Author: Tingting_li Date: 2022-11-03.10:37:43
pFind works well however there is an issue when I import tsk into pBuild
msg307 (view) Author: Tingting_li Date: 2022-11-03.10:32:10
system format exception erro warining appeared at the end of search job
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