Title [pLink] is the score better high or low?
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msg324 (view) Author: ctarn Date: 2022-11-18.19:40:21
Hi, thanks for reaching out. The lower the better.
msg320 (view) Author: LauraM Date: 2022-11-15.18:57:13
I am referring to the "score" value in the cross-linked spectra.
Thank you
msg319 (view) Author: kfwang Date: 2022-11-15.10:19:28
If you are referring to the q-value of the pFind software, the smaller the result, 
the more credible it is, and pFind finally uses this value for filtering.
msg317 (view) Author: LauraM Date: 2022-11-11.17:48:01
Hi, I would like to know how the score works: is it better high or low? Thank you, 
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