Title pGlyco3 reports invalid license
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Created on 2022-12-02.19:48:59 by kasperhettinga, last changed by Jiaxiang.

msg343 (view) Author: kasperhettinga Date: 2023-02-27.16:44:50
I just tried to run it again today and the problem was not there, so it seems to 
be resolved.
msg340 (view) Author: kfwang Date: 2023-02-15.20:38:24
Sorry for the lack of response, have your questions been resolved?
msg331 (view) Author: kasperhettinga Date: 2022-12-02.19:48:59
Since today, I can't use pGlyco3 due to an invalid license. I already applied for 
a new license, but the same problem happens again. Could it be that the license is 
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