Title [pFind] .wiff data is not fully supported by pFind
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msg52 (view) Author: ctarn Date: 2021-04-22.14:34:04
Hi. Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry that .wiff data is not fully supported, 
and the .mgf format of pLink is not compatible with MsConvert either. This issue has 
been recored and will be solved later.
msg49 (view) Author: DZ Date: 2021-04-20.10:22:10
I have copied the files to the installation folder of pFind. But it still show 
pParse has a problem. It shows that pParse cannot use xtract to extract signals 
from .wiff date. I think because of using the 1.6 version of Analyst Software, its 
data has two files: .wiff and .wiff.scan, but Xtract maybe only identify  .wiff 
msg47 (view) Author: ctarn Date: 2021-04-19.14:27:42
Please unzip it, and copy the files to the installation folder of pFind (the /bin 
msg46 (view) Author: DZ Date: 2021-04-19.14:24:35
I used the pParse following the guide, but it showed that it can't find 
pParse.para when I use cmd.exe . And if I use pFind, it still show pParse has a 
msg45 (view) Author: ctarn Date: 2021-04-19.13:28:46

Sorry for that. You are right. I have sent the package of pXtract & pParse by email, 
and you can replace the expired one with it. We will update the installer of pFind 
later. Thanks for your support!
The link is inaccessible currently since the Net Disk is not available for now. It 
service would be restored later.
msg43 (view) Author: DZ Date: 2021-04-19.12:31:10
I konw pFind can do it, but when I use .wiff data, it will tell me that the 
license has expired. I think it's xtract 's reason, so I want to download it on 
the official website. However, when I clcik 
"******" , it will show Can't 
access this interface.
msg42 (view) Author: ctarn Date: 2021-04-19.12:02:32

.wiff data is supported by pFind, and you don't have to convert it to .mgf with 
msg41 (view) Author: DZ Date: 2021-04-19.11:20:17
I use MSConvert to convert wiff file to mgf file.
But pFind treats my data name(TITLE=....) as useful data, for example, 
TITLE=20210410-7 BSA+H2O+IAA (2).10.10. File:"20210410.wiff" is considered as 
charge=10+, and if I modify the data name, an error will be reported.
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