Title pLink2 stuck stuck at this point below
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msg374 (view) Author: pzmao Date: 2023-09-06.23:11:20
We have replied to your email. For the problem related to the answer, please refer 
to the github issue,
msg371 (view) Author: qzhy Date: 2023-08-29.18:50:42
pLink2 keeps getting stuck at this point below. I have checked that the files 
are in the folder ( See image, e.g. 2aRB_HCDFT.pf2). I have uninstalled and 
reinstalled MSFileReader. I would appreciate some help to troubleshoot this 
issue please.

I am running Windows 11 Pro. pLink Version: 2.3.11

Here is what the Output stalls at:

[pLink] Start searching E:\Mass Spec\Raw files2\2aRB_HCDFT.pf2, Labeling None
[pLink] Total spectra: 65370
[pLink] Loaded 5000 spectra, 5000 / [65370]
[pLink] Loaded 5000 spectra, 10000 / 65370
[pLink] Loaded 5000 spectra, 15000 / 65370
[pLink] Loaded 5000 spectra, 20000 / 65370
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