Title plink2 无法进行DSSO搜库
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msg419 (view) Author: pzmao Date: 2024-04-08.07:54:21
Our latest version of pLink is nearly good to go, currently undergoing internal 
testing and user experience checks, and has been pre-released to some 
collaborating labs at the end of last year. We're aiming for an official release 
around the midpoint of this year.

If you'd like to try it out before the official launch, email 
with a description of what you're using it for. We eagerly await additional user 
feedback to further refine pLink's features.
msg405 (view) Author: WQ Date: 2024-01-09.23:19:01

年底发布是指农历年底吗?pLink2.3.12 还是pLink2.4?

msg383 (view) Author: pzmao Date: 2023-10-26.23:02:38
msg382 (view) Author: Wang Date: 2023-10-25.16:48:17
在plink2中identification这一栏,set linkers中没有DSSO选项,尽管DSSO已经在配置文件
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