Title pParse.exe failed to open the raw data
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msg393 (view) Author: kfwang Date: 2023-11-20.11:24:27
It is possible that you did not properly install Thermo's MSFileReader so that 
the pXtract failed to extract spectra from raw.

If RAW file read required, MSFileReader, 3.0 SP2 or a lower version, both 32 bit 
and 64 bit, need be installed first. Please see this wiki for details, 。
msg386 (view) Author: AlexWang Date: 2023-11-09.21:30:25
Hi,friends.When I used the plink software to read my raw MS data, the progarm 
didn't work well and it showed “failed to open the raw data” just in below. I 
can't fix the problem,please help me and thank you so much!


Dear User:
 pParse.exe failed to open I:\MS231424-DSS2.ms2, this file does not exist any 
[pParse] pParse has encountered a problem and will exit. Retry with correct 
Contact for help. 
[pLink] Welcome to use pLink v2.3.11, it will be expired on 20250110
[pLink] Search Engine initializing...
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