Title [pLink] SUMO identification flow is disabled temporarily
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msg59 (view) Author: pzmao Date: 2021-05-06.15:27:47
I'm so sorry to tell you that the SUMO identification flow of pLink2 is 
disabled temporarily, as we are optimizing and testing it. This feature will 
be available as soon as possible. When it is released again, it will have the 
best performance. If you need it right now, MaxQuant is recommended for SUMO 


-Pengzhi Mao / 毛鹏志
-pLink Support, pFind Team
msg58 (view) Author: SheonSamji Date: 2021-05-06.01:25:42
Hi pLink team,

I recently started a new project to identify SUMO-1 modification in a 
purified protein. Unfortunately, I am not able to understand how to but in 
the parameters in pConfig for SUMO-1 linker. could you please help me with 
this? My protein of interest is SUMOlyated (SUMO-1), I do protein digestion 
with trypsin followed by chymotrypsin, so I end up with a shorter sequence 
QEQTGG attached to K of protein. I have tired using this sequence as 
variable modification, but I want to put it as linker. Is there any 
parameters that I need to change? Do you have a tutorial for SUMO 
Looking forward to your help.

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