Title [pLink] the format of .mgf file is not compatible with pLink
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msg68 (view) Author: ctarn Date: 2021-05-18.14:55:00

Thanks. The format of the .mgf file is not compatible with pLink since each row of the 
peaks list contains three numbers instead of just two (m/z & intensity).

May I ask that what's the original format of the data? I would recommend you to use the 
original data directly if it is acceptable by pLink; or try to convert the format using 
other tools.
msg67 (view) Author: MichaelB Date: 2021-05-18.14:30:35
Please find attached MGF file. Thank you.
msg66 (view) Author: MichaelB Date: 2021-05-18.14:23:48
Thank you - I have now done that - please see attached screenshot. The output 
says problems with the MGF file. However, the same MGF file works fine when 
converted to mzML with MSConvertGUI and viewed in mMass.
msg65 (view) Author: ctarn Date: 2021-05-18.13:34:27
Hi, issue 8 is a guide of how to run pLink in command line mode (CMD) on Windows OS. 
pLink for UNIX/MacOS is not released yet. Thanks you very much.
msg64 (view) Author: MichaelB Date: 2021-05-18.13:32:00
Hi, where can I download pLink for UNIX/MacOS so I can run it on the command 
line, please?
msg63 (view) Author: ctarn Date: 2021-05-18.12:12:14
Hi, Please try to run pLink in Command line mode and sent us the output. Please refer 
to issue 8.
msg62 (view) Author: MichaelB Date: 2021-05-18.09:05:34
Hi, I am trying to use pLink to detect SS bonds in mass spec data. After I set 
up the fields with a .mgf file and .fasta database and click START, pLink 
gives some output (see screenshot) and then crashes. Please can you assist?
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