Title [pFind] how to find the quantitative results of pFind?
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msg422 (view) Author: TXL Date: 2024-04-12.09:43:13
we can't find pQuant.spectra in result file
msg70 (view) Author: kfwang Date: 2021-06-01.10:44:26
Dear Wendy,

Thanks for using pFind. After the run, you can find the quantitative results in the 
pQuant.spectra.list file under the result folder. If you are using label-free mode, the 
meaning of Ratio is the ratio of the signal intensity of the same peptide in different 
raw files.


Kaifei Wang
msg69 (view) Author: Wendy Date: 2021-05-31.15:22:22
In this study, we used label-free quantitative proteomics analysis, and we use 
pfind to search proteins. In the result, we don't know how to find the 
quantitative information of proteomics. Where are the files of quantitative 
information? How to obtain quantitative information from these files´╝č
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