Title [pFind] pFind raised `ALERT: Invalid_msmspath1_Path` error
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msg76 (view) Author: MtlQcLili Date: 2021-06-15.05:05:16
Hi, I converted the raw files into MGF using MsConvert and it solved my 
problem. Thank you!@!@
msg75 (view) Author: ctarn Date: 2021-06-15.02:04:02
Hi. Thank you. According to the error message, pFind tried to analyze HCD&IT (ion 
trap) MS data but could not find any HCD&IT scan extracted from the .raw file. If 
you really want to do this, please check the .raw file or try to convert it manually 
to .mgf files using tools like MsConvert. Otherwise, please check the settings of 
pFind and try again.
msg74 (view) Author: MtlQcLili Date: 2021-06-15.01:00:21
Hi Ctarn,

I have four raw runs for four different samples that were run on an orbitrap 
fusion. We are looking for a specific Trypstic peptide that may be highly 
modified. The Fasta only contains the sequence for the protein of interest. 
Whenever I start the seach on pFind, there is an unexpected error:

[pFind] ALERT: Invalid_msmspath1_Path: 
msg73 (view) Author: ctarn Date: 2021-06-13.14:32:44
Hi. Thanks for reaching out. Could please provide us more details about this issue?
msg72 (view) Author: MtlQcLili Date: 2021-06-12.02:02:26
We used an orbitrap fusion for these runs.
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