Title [pFind] the generatepep always stop at 80.2%
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msg82 (view) Author: kfwang Date: 2021-06-20.19:11:54
Hello, thanks for using pFind.

We suspect that it may be the problem of insufficient memory. Is the memory usage too 
high during runtime, and what is the size of the database and dataset?
Will there be other error messages in the future?
If there are none, I hope to send the database and E480_NC_1.raw file to us to 
reproduce the error.

--Kaifei Wang
msg81 (view) Author: nana Date: 2021-06-17.23:44:29
have someone ues Orbitrap Exploris 480 Mass spectrometer´╝čI have get raw data, but 
i don't know whether these raw data could use pfind analys. If could do it, how to 
set parameters in the pfind.
msg80 (view) Author: nana Date: 2021-06-17.23:34:10
when the progess are running search section,the generatepep always stop at 80.2%. 
If i click stop, it will run search again, and stop at 80.2%.
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