Title [pFind] how to view quantitative information for all proteins
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msg87 (view) Author: kfwang Date: 2021-06-26.21:01:54
Dear nana,

For MS2 quantitation, you should rename the file pQuant-ms2.exe which in bin folder to 
You can also contact me by wechat, the number is: wangkaifei1997.

Kaifei Wang
msg86 (view) Author: nana Date: 2021-06-24.20:20:48
this picture is tip screenshots
msg85 (view) Author: nana Date: 2021-06-24.20:18:40
these my settings, and when the search section end, it point that 系统找不到指定的
msg84 (view) Author: kfwang Date: 2021-06-24.20:09:51
Please send us a screenshot of the parameter settings in the Quantitation section.
msg83 (view) Author: nana Date: 2021-06-24.15:29:35
I have finished the search, but in pBuild i can't find the quantitative 
information. I have set label-free quantitative in pFind.
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