Title [pFind] pFind crashed on startup and threw UnauthorizedAccessException
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msg4 (view) Author: ctarn Date: 2020-12-07.02:27:38
Run as Administrator can solve the problem, or you can assign full access to the 
installation folder to current user.

However, normal users already have read access to the folder by default. Maybe the 
error is caused by opening config files in read and write mode by mistakes. pFind don't 
need write access to the folder actually.

For developer, please check the code and try to remove unnecessary permission requests.
msg3 (view) Author: zhouwenjing Date: 2020-12-02.09:58:47
前几年108服务器安装和使用pFind 3一直没问题,安装最新版的pFind3.1.6后,双击
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