Title [pGlyco] pGlyco3 and multiple sister scans
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msg98 (view) Author: jalew188 Date: 2021-07-03.02:30:33
pGlyco3 only looks at the nearest ETD scan. And it is also the case for site-
specific glycan localization (SSGL).
msg96 (view) Author: daniel Date: 2021-07-02.06:38:08
For one of our data sets, our spectrometer was run in a mode where the detection of a 
diagnostic ion in an HCD scan would trigger 2 ETD scans (at different energies).  When 
I'm running pGlyco3 it appears to only associate the 1st ETD scan with the HCD scan.  
I've verified this by looking at the HCDpdETXXDF.mgf file.
  Is pGlyco3 able to identify multiple Sister Scans?
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