Title [pFind] ALERT:Invalid_msmspath1_Path:[C:\Users\hjfeng\Desktop\SS210330\A1_HCDIT.pf2]
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msg111 (view) Author: wuenwei Date: 2021-08-04.15:56:26
I also have the same problem as you, but it hasn't been solved yet. Could you 
please tell me the solution? Thank you very much
msg108 (view) Author: kfwang Date: 2021-08-03.10:12:51

Please first check whether there is a corresponding file under the path 
C:\Users\hjfeng\Desktop\SS210330, I guess there may be A1_HCDFT.pf2 file. If this is 
the case, please select the HCD-FTMS option on the first page of the pFind user 

- Kaifei Wang
msg107 (view) Author: haojiefeng Date: 2021-07-28.14:06:41
I'm trying to do an open search with 6 raw files that were run, with label-free 
quantification. But in the middle of the search, I am having this error.:
Could someone explain and help me complete the search? Do I have to change my 
raw directory files? Or is it a parameter error?
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