Title [pFind] pBuild displays an error while analyzing the data
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msg113 (view) Author: kfwang Date: 2021-08-05.22:41:20

I have read the log file and found that the spectrum resolution rate is 0, that is, no 
peptides have been identified. I suggest you try again using the restricted search 

--Kaifei Wang
msg112 (view) Author: wuenwei Date: 2021-08-04.16:05:53
I changed the path according to what you said, but it still shows an error at run 
time.Search 1> Round: 1/0, is this the cause of the [pBuild] display error? I 
have tried MS instrument, but the display error is still there.Could you spare 
time to tell me how to solve it? Thank you
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