Title [pLink] pLink stuck at Loading Spectra
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msg127 (view) Author: ctarn Date: 2021-10-11.17:09:32
Hi, thanks for reaching out. And we are sorry for the delayed response caused by the 
national holiday of China.
The data has been successfully extracted by pParse. Please
1. move your data to another folder that no whitespaces are included in the path.
2. run pLink again and open your task monitor, and check that the memory of your 
computer is sufficient.
3. if the memory is sufficient and pLink still failed to complete its search, please 
try to run pLink in command line mode and send us the output. Please refer to issue 8.
msg126 (view) Author: Rebennion Date: 2021-09-29.11:52:50

pLink keeps getting stuck at this point below. I have checked that the files are 
in the folder ( See image, e.g. 2aRB_HCDFT.pf2). I have uninstalled and 
reinstalled MSFileReader. I would appreciate some help to troubleshoot this 
issue please.

I am running Windows 10 Pro. pLink Version: 2.3.9

Here is what the Output stalls at:

[pLink] Start searching E:\Mass Spec\Raw files2\2aRB_HCDFT.pf2, Labeling None
[pLink] Total spectra: 65370
[pLink] Loaded 5000 spectra, 5000 / [65370]
[pLink] Loaded 5000 spectra, 10000 / 65370
[pLink] Loaded 5000 spectra, 15000 / 65370
[pLink] Loaded 5000 spectra, 20000 / 65370

I have run the cmd line in bin folder. The output is below. 

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601]
Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation.  All rights reserved.

C:\pFindStudio\pLink\2.3.9\bin>pParse.exe D:\Mass_Spec\New_Folder\2aRB.raw

         /       pParse2.0 (x64) from pFind Studio     \
        /        Email  :              \
        \        Website:       /

[pParse] Calling pXtract to export MS1 and MS2 files...
[pParse] MS1list completes.
[pParse] Processing 2aRB.MS1
[pParse] CSV file already exists, pParse Complete!
[pParse]  == == == Time elapsed: 0 seconds. == == == =


I would appreciate some help with the issue. Many thanks. 
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