Title [pLink] Slow loading spectra and "not enough spaces to infer proteins"
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msg143 (view) Author: ctarn Date: 2021-11-16.00:20:16
Hi. I also noticed that the database you used may be too large. Could you please try 
it with a smaller fasta db? You can also attached your configuration file here so 
that we can check it further. The configuration file ends with the “.plink” 
extension and can be found in the task folder.
msg142 (view) Author: ctarn Date: 2021-11-16.00:14:08
Hi. pLink should be terminated already. Please try to run the task in command line 
mode and send us the output. Please refer to issue 8.
msg141 (view) Author: ctarn Date: 2021-11-15.20:29:52
Hi. Thanks for reaching out. In most cases pLink would not take nearly a month to 
complete a searching task. And pLink may terminated already due to lacking of 
sufficient memory. You may need to run the task on some other computer with more 
msg140 (view) Author: Rebennion Date: 2021-11-12.10:21:28

pLink has been running for nearly a month now. I am doing a search for 
(C)IodoTMT peptides in 10 raw files. It has been very slow and doesn't seem to 
be using much of the computer's RAM or CPU power. Loading spectra is very slow 
and then there are some more delays where it says "not enough spaces to infer 
proteins"- what does this mean? 

Is there a way that this can be made to run faster?

This run is just an optimisation experiment, so I worry when I try to search the 
final experiment with repeats it will take several months. 

Thanks in advance for your help.
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