Title pBuild - can't read ini files
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msg197 (view) Author: kfwang Date: 2022-03-29.14:27:59

From your description, it should be that the related configuration files of pFind 
are polluted. I don't know if you have customized some modified enzyme digestion 
and other content? If not, you can unzip the package I provided and put it in the 
bin folder of the pFind installation directory.

--Kaifei Wanng
msg192 (view) Author: AStrange Date: 2022-03-24.18:50:11
After running pFind successfully the results will not show in pBuild. I attached a 
picture. It says "Status: Reading ini files". I have compared with a colleaque and 
it works on his computer. I can't understand the problem. 
Thank you.
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