Title [pXtract] ERROR when extracting raw files
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msg207 (view) Author: jinyangl Date: 2022-04-08.09:31:36
Thanks, pXtract runs well after download the RAW files again.
msg206 (view) Author: ctarn Date: 2022-04-06.14:32:46
Hi, the RAW file may have been corrupted during the download (or copy). Please check 
the file or try to download (copy) it again.
msg202 (view) Author: jinyangl Date: 2022-04-05.13:10:11
Hi there, I got stuck when trying to use pFind to search some raw files. The 
error occured in the extraction step:

Process 2: [pXtract] <INFO> - Try to generate new rawinfo.
Process 2: [pXtract] <ERROR> - GetInstrumentData
Process 2: [pXtract] <ERROR> -    在 
Process 2:    在 
Process 2:    在 Xtract.RawExtractor.ParseInstrumentData()
Process 2:    在 Xtract.RawExtractor.Extract()
Process 2:    在 Xtract.Program.Main(String[] args)
Process 2: [pParse] <EXIT> - pParse has encountered a problem and will exit.
Process 2:  You can send your pParsePlusLog.txt to for help.

The file is 20141202_QEp8_KiSh_SA_Cerebellum_P14_Singleshot2.raw downloaded from The other three raw 
files behaves normally, and I'm not sure if this has relations to the raw file. 
When I try to run pFind again, the error still exists. The log file of pParse is 
attached below.

Maybe this question is the same as Issue62.

Jinyang Li
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