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msg225 (view) Author: kfwang Date: 2022-04-27.10:36:03
Dear, If non-specific cleavage is selected in pFind, the choice of enzyme species 
will only bring about a small difference in the results. Considering your needs, we 
recommend choosing noenzyme and setting up non-specific cleavage.
msg224 (view) Author: liuxiao Date: 2022-04-25.22:26:12
thank you, I notice that when I choosed different enzyme types such as trypsin 
and formic acid D_C in different non-specific searches with the other parameters 
unchanged, I got two different results finally. That means the enzyme type could 
affect the final result even in the non-specific type. 
When I search endogenous peptides in Mascot or Peaks, the "none" enzyme type is 
suggested in manual. 
Is there perferred enzyme type in pFind when I search endogenous peptides ?
msg223 (view) Author: kfwang Date: 2022-04-24.11:10:48
Dear, endogenous peptides are not usually produced by protein digestion, but are 
naturally present in the body I think. Therefore, they may not meet the rules of 
enzyme digestion and need to be searched by non-specific.
msg222 (view) Author: liuxiao Date: 2022-04-22.15:12:32
Thank you!
And there is a another question, when I choose the "Non-specific" parameter, is  
there any limitation of the enzyme type in endogeous peptides search? Or dose it 
mean that any enzyme I could choose will be OK?
msg221 (view) Author: kfwang Date: 2022-04-22.10:11:03
Dear, When searching for endogeous peptides, please select the Non-Specific 
parameter, or check the open search option. Both options are marked in the attached 
msg217 (view) Author: liuxiao Date: 2022-04-20.16:48:08
hi, I have some questions about endogeous peptides search. 
When I search the endogenous peptides, how should I set the enzyme selection in 
And is there any other notice when I search the endogeous peptides by pFind?
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