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msg270 (view) Author: jinyangl Date: 2022-09-15.10:34:17
Hi, pNovo has an update on June 2022 and the question should have been fixed. 
Could you download the newer version from and try the search again?
msg230 (view) Author: jwlawley Date: 2022-05-09.13:16:18
I am having a similar issue, I setup parameters in pNovo Search 3.1.3 and once I 
click Search the buttons turns grey and the program seems to freeze (result files 
remain at 0 kb and I have tried running it several times overnight and it remains 
frozen). I have recently applied for a new license, as I thought it could be time-
sensitive, but even then it still doesn't work.
msg227 (view) Author: Date: 2022-05-08.09:41:31
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