Title [pLink] some.mgf files are not compatible with pLink
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msg236 (view) Author: ctarn Date: 2022-05-22.15:57:06
Hi, Thanks for reaching out. The message shows that the .mgf file is not compatible 
with pLink. Could you please open the file with a text editor and show us what it 
looks like?
msg234 (view) Author: LauraM Date: 2022-05-18.01:40:22
This is the error I get if I run the searcher in command line mode

PS C:\pFindStudio\pLink\2.3.11\bin> .\searcher.exe "C:\Users\laura\Documents\pLink\pLink_task_2022.\pLink_task_2022."
[pLink] Welcome to use pLink v2.3.11, it will be expired on 20250110
[pLink] Search Engine initializing...
[pLink] Generating reverse database...
[pLink] Search identifier: NUXKL
[pLink] Search Engine is ready to search.

[pLink] Start searching C:\Users\laura\Desktop\MassSpecDSS\May2022\XL-IP\220504kw_LauraXLIP_M3_S3-A11_1_9302.mgf, Labeling None
         at MGFInput::checkLegalityAndCount() loss information of title, charge or peptide m/z.
         at MGFInput::checkLegalityAndCount() there are problems in the MGF file.
         at MGFInput::startLoad() OpenInFile: C:\Users\laura\Desktop\MassSpecDSS\May2022\XL-IP\220504kw_LauraXLIP_M3_S3-A11_1_9302.mgf failed.
         at Searcher::search() search failed!
         at Searcher::main() caught an exception.
msg233 (view) Author: LauraM Date: 2022-05-17.20:46:50
Hi pLink Team,
I would like to ask you why pLink works perfectly with some samples but it doesn't 
work with others; it can run forever without generating any results or messages
(I use DSS as crosslinker).
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