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msg238 (view) Author: ctarn Date: 2022-05-29.21:46:32
Hi, Thanks for reaching out. If you have set up the linker correctly,  it should 
appear in the linker list. Please just try to select it and click the right arrow.
msg237 (view) Author: xingchen1990 Date: 2022-05-26.14:51:03
尊敬的pFind 团队,
    实验采用的交联剂是EGS [ethylene glycolbis(succinimidylsuccinate)],参照您单位文章参数设定可变修饰选择了Xlink_EGS(K)和Xlink_EGS(protein Nterm),但"Set linker"部分不知道选择哪个选项(如附图),请指导如何操作,不胜感激!
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