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Created on 2022-06-10.16:41:53 by Pippo, last changed by jinyangl.

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pNovo problems.docx Pippo, 2022-09-16.15:29:30 application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document
pNovo.param Pippo, 2022-09-26.15:57:43 application/octet-stream
result.docx Pippo, 2022-09-28.15:45:52 application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document
msg402 (view) Author: jinyangl Date: 2024-01-02.12:16:43
Sorry for the problem you have met. For now, you can try to read the results file 
as plain text file. Or you can try to use pBuild on other computers, where the 
problem may disappear by my experience.
msg287 (view) Author: Pippo Date: 2022-10-06.15:41:37
Yes, I can see all spectra but without sequences. I use also DenovoGui, this program always features sequences and I thought pNovo worked in the same way.
msg286 (view) Author: jinyangl Date: 2022-10-05.15:48:35
Hi, pBuild shows all spectra, including the unindentified ones. Can you see 
identified spectrum if you roll down the results in pBuild?
msg283 (view) Author: Pippo Date: 2022-09-28.15:45:52
Using "Keep Top-1" I can see the mass spectrum but the sequence is not shown. I the attached file is reported the result.
msg282 (view) Author: jinyangl Date: 2022-09-28.09:48:19
I looked in the param file and found you selected "keep Top-10 Results" when 
setting pNovo, which is the default setting though. However, pBuild may 
fail to open the .tsk file in this setting, and this bug cannot be solved for 
the time being unfortunately. You can select "Keep Top-1 Results" to use pBuild 
to view the results, or you can also view the results by text editors if select 
"keep Top-10 Results".
msg281 (view) Author: Pippo Date: 2022-09-26.15:57:43
I send you the file "pNovo.param" as requested.
msg277 (view) Author: jinyangl Date: 2022-09-21.15:54:56
Hi Pippo, could you also send the parameter file named as "pNovo.param" to us?
msg276 (view) Author: Pippo Date: 2022-09-16.15:29:30
In the attached file are reported the problems encontered with pNovo
msg275 (view) Author: jinyangl Date: 2022-09-15.20:02:12
Hi Pippo, you can treat .res files generated by pNovo as .tsv files, which can 
be opened by common text editor softwares such as Notepad or Excel.

For the issue of pBuild, could you please send us a screenshot of the parameter 
settings? I have heard that if one selects "keep Top-10 Results", pBuild may 
fail to open the .tsk file and report an error message, but this should work 
well if one selects "Keep Top-1 Results".
msg274 (view) Author: Pippo Date: 2022-09-15.17:43:25
When I try to open pBuild the file closes.
msg273 (view) Author: Pippo Date: 2022-09-15.17:26:22
Search start but how can I open .res files?
msg272 (view) Author: jinyangl Date: 2022-09-15.10:35:54
Hi, pNovo has an update on June 2022 and the question should have been fixed. 
Could you download the newer version from and try the search again?
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