Title fix the filepath item of pLable file
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msg254 (view) Author: DT Date: 2022-07-13.22:29:59
Hi Kaifei,
Superb, now it works. Have a good day!
msg253 (view) Author: kfwang Date: 2022-07-13.16:05:18
Dear, you can open it with any text editing software, such as Notepad.
msg252 (view) Author: DT Date: 2022-07-13.14:51:48
Hi Kaifei, 
I'm fully aware of changing the filepath parameter. But how you open the .pLabel 
file? I try to use command prompt but it doesn't work/recognize the format.
msg251 (view) Author: kfwang Date: 2022-07-13.14:41:43

This is because you have moved the location of the .mgf file. You can open the 
.plabel file and change the "File_Path" parameter to the current location of the 
.mgf file.

Kaifei Wang
msg250 (view) Author: DT Date: 2022-07-12.21:23:42
I want to look into my previous pLink2 searched results again. But with changed 
directory of the mgf. files, I got a complaint from the pLabel," can fix 
this by opening pLabel.file and checking the [Filepath] item" just writing to see 
how exactly should I check the filepath of the pLable file, and how to redefine 
this path to new directory of my files in new location?
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