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ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To
111 2 months ago Compatibility between TimsTOF pro (.d) result with Plink finished derffff  
107 2 months ago FAIMS原始文件转化成mgf之后是否还做其他修改如何搜plink? finished Rui_Sun  
103 3 months ago spectra里有许多Qvalue大于一的原因是什么 finished asuka kfwang
104 3 months ago pGlyco results issues unread xiashj jalew188
101 3 months ago trouble reading raw file chatting mmack  
102 3 months ago pLabel finished caogaoxiang  
20 3 months ago [pQuant] 系统找不到指定文件 finished kfwang
100 3 months ago SILAC crosslinking unread SiangWun  
98 4 months ago The mass spectrometry data collected in DDA mode is in raw. format, and the library is directly searched by pfind, and the number of matching peptides and proteins are both 0. finished tjj  
38 4 months ago [pFind] ALERT:Invalid_msmspath1_Path:[C:\Users\hjfeng\Desktop\SS210330\A1_HCDIT.pf2] finished haojiefeng kfwang
97 4 months ago pxtract_raw.exe stopped working finished Olex ctarn
92 5 months ago pBuild 无法打开pNovo处理后的结果 finished yq  
93 6 months ago pNovo3-EThcd finished jack_jia  
88 6 months ago Uncertain about the meaning of the lowercase letter a in pNovo3.1.3 finished zhangyuanliang  
72 6 months ago [pLink] pLink is genereting html with inactive links finished dominikC ctarn
77 6 months ago endogenous peptides setup finished liuxiao  
83 6 months ago [pFind] Modification mass calculation in pConfig finished ZeyuWang kfwang
84 6 months ago [pLink] select cross-linker finished xingchen1990 ctarn
67 8 months ago pBuild - can't read ini files finished AStrange  
68 8 months ago pFind finished  
3 8 months ago [pFind] pFind crashed on startup and threw UnauthorizedAccessException processing zhouwenjing hchi
43 8 months ago [pBuild] pBuild无法显示结果 finished Xuan kfwang
59 8 months ago the results of pQuant always 10001 finished caw55555  
69 8 months ago pFind - can't read RAW files finished  
58 8 months ago [pFind] pFind stopped out of no reason finished yuzhishi ctarn
71 8 months ago pFind finished kfwang
66 8 months ago pFind看不到结果(显示pFind has been stopped) finished wangziwei  
82 8 months ago [pLink] some.mgf files are not compatible with pLink chatting LauraM ctarn
79 8 months ago pParse运行报错 finished lixiaoyu  
78 9 months ago pGlyco3 issue finished Antonio96 jalew188
76 9 months ago pXtract-the license has expired. finished liuxiao ctarn
75 9 months ago pFind-报错-system format exception finished liuxiao kfwang
57 10 months ago finished xiaoyong  
64 10 months ago pfind无法申请license finished liushihao  
62 10 months ago [pXtract] 报错 finished ZeyuWang ctarn
61 10 months ago pFind报错 finished qwy kfwang
53 12 months ago [pQuant] pQuant not working finished zeyusun kfwang
15 13 months ago [pFind] pFind raised `ALERT: Invalid_msmspath1_Path` error finished janainamace kfwang
54 13 months ago [pBuild] pBuild索引超出了数组界限 finished iBQ kfwang
52 14 months ago [pLink] Slow loading spectra and "not enough spaces to infer proteins" finished Rebennion ctarn
51 14 months ago [pParse] pParse.exe failed finished rocky ctarn
6 15 months ago [pFind] pFind stopped out of no reason finished hmin ctarn
48 15 months ago [pFind] questions on modification site assignment in pFind finished beyond kfwang
47 15 months ago [pLink] pLink stuck at Loading Spectra finished Rebennion ctarn
45 16 months ago [pXtract] <Exception>: Find no raws in G: finished marjoriepg ctarn
40 16 months ago [pGlyco] empty .txt file after complete run of pGlyco finished Monidipa jalew188
44 16 months ago [pGlyco] pGlyco 2.2.2 only gives empty result files finished jalew188
46 16 months ago [pFind] pFind 2.8 is not available any more finished kuiba ctarn
34 17 months ago [pLink] pLink stops after loading 20 000 spectra out of total 120 000 finished vlevina ctarn
39 17 months ago [pFind] pBuild displays an error while analyzing the data finished wuenwei kfwang
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