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ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To
60 4 months ago Please visit for software downloading and more chatting ctarn  
1 14 months ago Welcome to pFind Forum! Please Register and Click `Create New` to Submit Issues. finished ctarn ctarn
86 3 days ago [pFind]<EXIT> chatting hahaz kfwang
73 2 months ago [pXtract] ERROR when extracting raw files finished jinyangl ctarn
49 8 months ago [pFind] whitespaces, Chinese, or other special symbols are not allowed in the file path finished guorui ctarn
11 12 months ago how to check whether you have write access to some file/folder? finished ctarn ctarn
27 12 months ago [pFind] how to view quantitative information for all proteins finished nana kfwang
22 13 months ago [pFind] how to find the quantitative results of pFind? finished Wendy kfwang
8 16 months ago [pLink] how to run pLink in command line mode? finished ctarn ctarn
85 3 weeks ago pNovo unread Pippo feizhengcong
81 1 month ago pNovo Search doesn't work (program frozen on search) chatting jwlawley feizhengcong
80 1 month ago pNovo chatting  
87 3 hours ago [pFind] pXtract ERROR- Sorry, the license has expired finished keewe  
63 1 month ago [pNovo]pNovo3 cannot function properly finished novo feizhengcong
70 1 month ago pNOVO卡住,不出结果 finished Fisher  
74 1 month ago pNovo 3.1.3 stuck on pPredictAA forever chatting arturpp feizhengcong
65 3 months ago [pConfig]pConfig in pNovo3 encountered a problem and needed to close finished novo kfwang
41 9 months ago [pLabel] run time error finished vlevina pzmao
12 14 months ago [pLink] pLink failed to calculate e-value processing ctarn ctarn
5 1 month ago [pLink] pLink stops after "Search Engine is ready to search" finished DYasar ctarn
7 1 month ago [pLink] pLink stops after "Search Engine is ready to search" finished Kitty ctarn
4 14 months ago [pLink] pLink 2 currently only supports MS1-MS2 (CID+ETD) data processing lonelu pzmao
14 14 months ago [pFind] .wiff data is not fully supported by pFind processing DZ kfwang
2 19 months ago [pParse] precursors in .ms2 files should also be rectified processing Yudong ctarn
72 3 hours ago [pLink] pLink is genereting html with inactive links finished dominikC ctarn
77 3 hours ago endogenous peptides setup finished liuxiao  
83 3 hours ago [pFind] Modification mass calculation in pConfig finished ZeyuWang kfwang
84 3 hours ago [pLink] select cross-linker finished xingchen1990 ctarn
67 1 month ago pBuild - can't read ini files finished AStrange  
68 1 month ago pFind finished  
3 1 month ago [pFind] pFind crashed on startup and threw UnauthorizedAccessException processing zhouwenjing hchi
43 1 month ago [pBuild] pBuild无法显示结果 finished Xuan kfwang
59 1 month ago the results of pQuant always 10001 finished caw55555  
69 1 month ago pFind - can't read RAW files finished  
58 1 month ago [pFind] pFind stopped out of no reason finished yuzhishi ctarn
71 1 month ago pFind finished kfwang
66 1 month ago pFind看不到结果(显示pFind has been stopped) finished wangziwei  
82 1 month ago [pLink] some.mgf files are not compatible with pLink chatting LauraM ctarn
79 1 month ago pParse运行报错 finished lixiaoyu  
78 2 months ago pGlyco3 issue finished Antonio96 jalew188
76 2 months ago pXtract-the license has expired. finished liuxiao ctarn
75 2 months ago pFind-报错-system format exception finished liuxiao kfwang
57 3 months ago finished xiaoyong  
64 3 months ago pfind无法申请license finished liushihao  
62 3 months ago [pXtract] 报错 finished ZeyuWang ctarn
61 3 months ago pFind报错 finished qwy kfwang
53 5 months ago [pQuant] pQuant not working finished zeyusun kfwang
15 6 months ago [pFind] pFind raised `ALERT: Invalid_msmspath1_Path` error finished janainamace kfwang
54 6 months ago [pBuild] pBuild索引超出了数组界限 finished iBQ kfwang
52 7 months ago [pLink] Slow loading spectra and "not enough spaces to infer proteins" finished Rebennion ctarn
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