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ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To
118 12 months ago Please visit to inquire about software usage chatting kfwang  
60 21 months ago Please visit for software downloading and more chatting ctarn  
1 31 months ago Welcome to pFind Forum! Please Register and Click `Create New` to Submit Issues. finished ctarn ctarn
156 3 days ago [pFind] ALERT: Invalid_msmspath1_Path unread rocky  
136 3 months ago how to download pLabel finished jack_jia  
127 9 months ago How to specify the enzyme for pglyco3 when two enzymes were used? chatting yuki jalew188
120 9 months ago pGlyco3 reports invalid license chatting kasperhettinga  
108 13 months ago pQuant finished rocky  
105 13 months ago prase finished rocky  
86 16 months ago [pFind]<EXIT> finished hahaz kfwang
73 20 months ago [pXtract] ERROR when extracting raw files finished jinyangl ctarn
49 25 months ago [pFind] whitespaces, Chinese, or other special symbols are not allowed in the file path finished guorui ctarn
11 29 months ago how to check whether you have write access to some file/folder? finished ctarn ctarn
27 29 months ago [pFind] how to view quantitative information for all proteins finished nana kfwang
22 30 months ago [pFind] how to find the quantitative results of pFind? finished Wendy kfwang
8 34 months ago [pLink] how to run pLink in command line mode? finished ctarn ctarn
150 2 weeks ago pXtract missing in download zip file chatting jhsuan  
151 2 weeks ago pLink2.0 cannot read the RAW file completely when use MSfileReader chatting wangyt pzmao
152 2 weeks ago pLink2.0 cannot extract the RAW files completely when use MSfileReader chatting wangyt pzmao
144 2 months ago [pLink]pLink stop at Search Engine initializing... finished SBDRBD pzmao
137 3 months ago pfind在选择多个样本使用quantitation的label free进行定量分析,为什么得不到肽段或蛋白质丰度 finished YUJIE  
135 5 months ago [pLink] pLink stops after "Search Engine is ready to search" finished dko22 pzmao
130 6 months ago Default Masses in pConfig are WRONG finished gtheophall pzmao
128 7 months ago pFind是否支持Waters MSe的数据类型? finished rwei  
121 9 months ago Invalid_msmspath1_Path chatting Caidun yiman
81 11 months ago pNovo Search doesn't work (program frozen on search) finished jwlawley jinyangl
80 11 months ago pNovo finished jinyangl
113 12 months ago pGlyco Quant UI clashes just before initiating runs finished DT jalew188
110 13 months ago 输入字符串格式不正确 chatting Tingting_li Tingting_li
85 14 months ago pNovo chatting Pippo jinyangl
91 17 months ago fix the filepath item of pLable file finished DT  
90 17 months ago pLink reports no xlinks on 15N metabolic labeled complexes finished ChristianT pzmao
149 2 weeks ago pParse.exe failed to open the raw data chatting AlexWang  
148 1 month ago plink2 无法进行DSSO搜库 finished Wang pzmao
145 2 months ago pLink 软件在生成报告时闪退 finished ZKT  
141 3 months ago pLink2 stuck stuck at this point below finished qzhy pzmao
124 9 months ago pConfig encountered a problem and exited automatically when editting linkers chatting wangx  
74 11 months ago pNovo 3.1.3 stuck on pPredictAA forever finished arturpp jinyangl
117 12 months ago Search Engine initializing... Generating reverse database... finished pioneer pzmao
106 12 months ago ID Rate 0%, other search engines were succesful finished rodvrees  
114 12 months ago pParse.exe failed to open F:\sample wei\BSA_DDA_20221107.ms2, this file does not exist any more! finished pioneer kfwang
109 13 months ago cannot start task with pGlyco3 chatting LS jalew188
99 14 months ago The mass spectrometry data collected in DDA mode is in raw. format, and the library is directly searched by pfind, and the number of matching peptides and proteins are both 0. finished tjj  
95 15 months ago peptides incorrectly mapped to proteins unread kmolloy pzmao
96 15 months ago download pGlyco3 finished xuexiaomin  
94 16 months ago pFind 提交运行时pParse 故障 finished yiman  
87 17 months ago [pFind] pXtract ERROR- Sorry, the license has expired finished keewe  
63 18 months ago [pNovo]pNovo3 cannot function properly finished novo feizhengcong
70 18 months ago pNOVO卡住,不出结果 finished Fisher  
65 20 months ago [pConfig]pConfig in pNovo3 encountered a problem and needed to close finished novo kfwang
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