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1 4 months ago Welcome to pFind Forum! Please Register and Click `Create New` to Submit Issues. chatting ctarn  
10 2 days ago [pFind] pFind don't have access the bin/pFind.ini since the file is being used by some other process. chatting ctarn
12 2 days ago [pLink] pLink failed to calculate e-value chatting ctarn  
5 1 month ago [pLink] pLink stops after "Search Engine is ready to search" chatting DYasar ctarn
7 1 month ago [pLink] pLink stops after "Search Engine is ready to search" finished Kitty ctarn
6 1 month ago [pFind] pFind stopped out of no reason chatting hmin ctarn
3 3 months ago [pFind] pFind crashed on startup and threw UnauthorizedAccessException processing zhouwenjing hchi
4 3 months ago [pLink] pLink 2 currently only supports MS1-MS2 (CID+ETD) data finished lonelu pzmao
2 4 months ago [pParse] precursors in .ms2 files should also be rectified processing Yudong ctarn
9 2 weeks ago [pLink] For DSSO, does pLink support only CID or ETD, CID+EThcD, HCD+ETD, HCD+EThcD? finished megatron pzmao
11 2 days ago [Common] how to check whether you have write access to some file/folder? finished ctarn ctarn
8 1 month ago [pLink] how to run pLink in command line mode? finished ctarn ctarn
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